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     Please take a few minutes to start on your loan pre-approval with Bryan Pitt of US Bank Nevada. I know that for some people with busy schedules and variable work hours, this might be more convenient at first than calling Bryan.

Just doing all I can to make things as easy as possible for you!

Here are the directions to Bryan’s online application.  He can then pull your credit and provide you with the details of the report.  If there are items that need to be addressed, he will walk you through exactly how to address them. Thank you!

            To apply, all you need to do is click on the following link:

Please call Bryan at 702-757-8028 or email anytime you have questions.

A little bit about Bryan

No matter where you are in the home buying process, I can help. As a mortgage loan officer right here in Las Vegas, I work with you to help find the right mortgage for your unique situation. You probably have lots of questions. How much house can I really afford? Are there special mortgage programs for people like me? I have the resources to answer questions like that and I've worked with lots of people in and around Las Vegas with home financing needs similar to yours.

I'm proud to work for a reputable bank like U.S. Bank, and you can trust me to do what's right for you.

Bryan Pitt


Bryan Pitt

Wealth Management Mortgage Banker | NMLS #919424 p. 702-251-1714 | c. 702-757-8028| bryan.pitt@usbank.comU.S. Bank

Nevada Financial Center 2300 West Sahara Avenue, Ste. 350, Las Vegas, NV 89102 | LM-NV-NFC3 |